The Next Chapter

Four months have passed since I walked hesitantly across the stage at graduation. Oh, how time flies.

Thankfully - I had an exceptional summer. One filled with African safaris, Alaskan glaciers, and the crisp, cool waters of the glacial lakes in Idaho. The continual movement from one place to the next truly kept my mind from lingering too long on the not-far-off reality looming precariously over my head. A reality that hadn't quite struck me... Until now.

I had always had a plan. I would graduate from college, serve in the Peace Corps, and go to graduate school. But as many of us know - life does not always go according to plan. So here I am, floundering through the day-to-day trying to piece together what it is I should do next. I am coming to realize, though, that I have never done what I should do, necessarily, and that has always seemed to pan out for me. 

I think I'll keep to tradition.

That brings me to today. I have always wanted to blog... I mean, really blog. So today I purchased my domain name, weeded through some templates before selecting a clean, readable one, and published my first post. 

My intention with this blog is for it to eventually become a culmination of my own personal travel and lifestyle bits and inspiration. I've put a lot of energy into my Instagram but I think it is time to explore an additional medium of expression. I hope to include photos, as I normally would, but I also aim to incorporate video - a form of expression I am in the process of learning.

This site is the next step towards me creating the life I always dreamed I would. A life of adventure, travel, and inspiration. I hope you'll tag along for the ride.

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